The white city of Athran. known for its humble beginnings and prosperous growth into the arabic world. At its head, King Truss, known for civilizing the eastern arabic regions and defeating the hassansin hordes of Kosh. The white city was built on the battlefield of blood and victory. You; adventurer, are a bottom-dweller; the scum scraped out of the slums. You and your friends are in this together.

All you know is this:

One day you and a gathering of your closest friends were attempting a thieft of the palace’s fruit vendor in order to survive another day. Mid-heist a hooded man crashes through the wooden boarded roof dropping a jewel encrusted scimitar. Ensnared by its precious worth you steal the now dead mans sword and make for the markets to fence it for top coin.

Your efforts were just about to come to fruition, but mid sale a mob of angry guards charge at you from across the market.

you may not know why, but you know one thing.

Its Run or Die……….

masha-uma sons of the divine